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GENERAL SUMMARY The duties of this position include a wide range of activities related to determining and documenting participant eligibility, income, rent and contractual relationships with owners in support of the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) operations. The Housing Specialist may perform admissions, re-certifications, interim adjustments, rent increases and deal with both participant and landlord problems. Reports to the Team Leader. PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Admissions • Conduct eligibility interviews with applicant and port-in families. • Conduct interviews in the client's home or field office as needed. • Conduct criminal history check on all adult members of applicant families. • Determine eligibility of applicants from the waiting list, special admissions and port-ins. Inform ineligible families of informal meeting procedures. • Document family composition, citizenship or eligible immigrant status and social security numbers of family members over age six (or certification that no number exists) in accordance with HUD requirements. • Determine Annual Income in accordance with HUD rules. • Obtain Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) or third party verification of income (or documentation of why third party verifications are not present). • Calculate Adjusted Income correctly in accordance with HUD rules. • Obtain third party verification of deductions (or documentation of why third party verifications are not present). • Calculate Total Tenant Payment (TTP) accurately. • Determine the Voucher size for which each family qualifies in accordance with the Administrative Plan. • Issue Vouchers and brief Voucher-holders, emphasizing housing opportunities outside areas of minority and low income concentration.• Set-up complete and accurate files with all necessary participant supplied documents and third party verifications (or documentation of why third party verifications are not present). • Receive Requests for Tenancy Approval, HAP contracts (with HUD-required Tenancy Addendum) Inspection reports, rent reasonableness determinations and leases. Check to ensure that no participants will be paying more than 40 percent of adjusted monthly income in TTP, review for original signatures and internal consistency (particularly with respect to who pays for various utilities), place in participant files and authorize HAP payments to owner. Annual Re-certifications, Interim Adjustments and Owner Rent Increases • Request Inspectors to schedule and conduct annual and special inspections. • Schedule and conduct annual re-certification interviews . • Determine qualifications. • When families move later than 120 days after the most recent annual re• certification (in a manner acceptable under program guidelines and the Administrative Plan), conduct a full annual re-certification (including working with Inspector to set up inspection) and change the family's anniversary date. • When participant reports changes in income or family circumstances, process Interim Adjustment. • Document and complete information for the Annual Re-cert. , • Receive owner rent increase requests and forwards them to Inspectors for rent reasonableness • Notify owner in writing and the Finance Department within two working days. • As the utility allowance schedule is updated, ensure that the utility allowances used in determining tenant rent are correct and accurate, . • Properly process client files as assigned within prescribed time frame.General • Works cooperatively with other members of the Voucher Administration group, adjusting workload as necessary when other members are ill or on vacation. • Investigate and resolve participant and landlord complaints minimizing involvement of the Team Leader to the satisfaction of all parties. • Communicate with applicants, participants, landlords/owners and co-workers in a manner that is courteous and professional. • Answer resident and landlord questions, providing information on status of rent, damage claims, property inspections, provisions of the lease and contract, program regulations, Houston Housing Authority policies, and procedures, etc. • Return calls to participants and landlords within one workday. • Place information received through the mail, by fax or email in appropriate part of participant file within two workdays of receipt. • Participate in the revision to Departmental policies and procedures. • Submit monthly performance reports as required. • Perform other duties as assigned. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES • Knowledge of HUD policies, and other Federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations related to low income housing and Houston Housing Authority policies. • Knowledge of general office practices and procedures, business English and basic mathematics. • Ability to perform basic accounting functions. • Knowledge of spoken and written Spanish preferred. • Knowledge of HUD HQS, inspection procedures and Houston Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher policies and procedures. • Ability to communicate interpersonally. • Ability to communicate with and relate to persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with participants, landlords and other employees. • Ability to complete complex and detailed tasks in a timely manner. • Ability to plan and prioritize duties. COMPLEXITY I SCOPE OF WORK • The employee performs relatively complex work requiring a deep understanding of HUD rules and requirements relative to Voucher program eligibility, income, rent, and contract procedures. In addition, the employee must be able to handle complex interpersonal situations involving conflicts between assisted tenants and landlords with skill and professionalism. • The employee works with the Voucher program, participants, landlords and other employees. • The employee's work is essential to the successful operation of the Voucher program. • The employee's efforts affect the Houston Housing Authority's ability to earn administrative fees and to obtain additional Vouchers and funding. High school diploma or equivalent required. Two (2) years of college course work required. Bachelor’s degree preferred. Three (3) years of experience in public housing, Housing Choice Voucher Program, case management, apartment management, HCVP Call Center or an equivalent combination of college course work and higher education (one (1) year of relevant experience is equivalent to one (1) year of relevant higher education and vice versa). Certification in Income, Rent, and Voucher program administration required within first year of employment (training and testing will be at the Houston Housing Authority’s expense). Bondable. Valid Texas driver’s license or obtain such within the first thirty (30) days of employment. Eligibility for coverage under Houston Housing Authority fleet auto insurance


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