• Posted on

    : 02-04-2019
  • Job type

    : Contract
  • Job category

    : Prep cook
  • Location

    : Houston, TX
  • Number Of Openings

    : 1
  • Pay Rate

    : DOE
  • Description

    : Measures ingredients and prepares them in accordance to chefs specifications Washes and peels ingredients in order for them to be used in different meals Cuts and portions different types of meat according to specifications Prepares different types of food from the menu, following carefully the recipes Makes stock soups to be used during cooking process Portions the food and prepares the dishes for plating Packages take-away food for clients Places food trays under food warmers, so that the food arrives in good conditions at the table Distributes the plates to be served to the waiting staff Accepts or rejects ingredients from food suppliers, based on their appearance and quality Keeps track of ingredient quantities and ensures there are always enough for the day/week Stores ingredients in dedicated containers, making sure that they are best preserved Informs superiors when the ingredients stock is getting low or when the kitchen tools do not work properly Cleans and sanitizes the working surfaces, tools, utensils and working area Carefully supervises the food temperature and the temperature from cooling rooms, to ensure that the ingredients kept are kept at the appropriate temperature Swipes the remaining food from plates and puts them in the dishwasher/washes them Vacuums dining area and washes the kitchen floor before closing

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