Clean Ambassadors Downtown area on bus line

  • Posted on

    : 20-06-2019
  • Job type

    : Contract
  • Job category

    : Clean Ambassadors Downtown area on bus line
  • Location

    : Houston, TX
  • Number Of Openings

    : 1
  • Pay Rate

    : 10.50 / Per Hour
  • Description

    : Responsible for providing a visible uniformed presence within the boundaries of the Improvement District. Clean Ambassadors are responsible for conducting various cleaning tasks that improve the Overall appearance of downtown. As well, Clean Ambassadors are instrumental in providing Information, directions, and assistance to downtown residents, workers, and visitors.
  • Responsibilities

    • Provide a visible presence serving as an outward representative of the Improvement District they serve.
    • Collect litter using a combination of manual litter collection and productivity enhancing equipment.
    • Remove weeds and other unsightly vegetation using chemical applications and/or equipment usage.
    • Remove graffiti tags using chemical applications, scrubbing or power washing.
    • Work on special project details which consist of a wide array of tasks including, but not limited to, power washing, special painting, scrubbing details and other tasks deemed necessary (Special project team members only).
    • Operate mechanical productivity enhancing equipment that is used to collect litter, remove weeds or other tasks (Equipment operators only).
    • Clean Ambassadors are required to perform safety duties, such as reporting Quality of Life crimes and criminal activity.

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